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Art gallery, Valencia (Spain)

Trazo 1

Trazo 1
Jorge Arxé
Cítici: José Ramón Danvila
Octubre 2001

"Trazo 1"

Although Jorge Arxé’s sculpture has always been recognised as the result of a profound analysis of primitive cultures and certain historicistic influences ranging from constructivist influences, Picasso, and Ernst, it cannot be denied that his latest works alternate this type of traditions with other postulated ones in which the acceptance of more conceptual and dynamic lines is recognised. Taking form as a possibility of spatial development in which the horizontal and vertical planes are the two ways of locating the argument, Arxé tends to create an emblem that goes beyond objectualist implication. Untitled Corten Steel 180 × 311 × 32 cm 2000 Material, form and space are the major themes to which he continually refers. He organises them through a type of rhythmical and reasoned theory that tends to achieve the functionality of the piece without losing its aesthetic values. Arxé is a theorist of feelings, which he seeks to take into a physical sphere. Consequently, he leads form, which is always dominated by the material, to a change of feelings from warm to cold, from concentrated to disperse. He combines the nuclear sense with the sense of expansion and with the intention to contain and open at the same time. This explains why, depending on your viewpoint, it may seem hermetic or to have a tendency towards dialogue. This is due to its origin in reflection and not chance. It is justified by concepts and it adapts to the fundamental essence in order to reach a state in which relationships are no longer required to achieve interpretations. The inclusion of his digital photographs, which are treated in such an unorthodox manner, represents an eagerly awaited projection onto the bidemensional plane of what has already been said and integrates the essence of the human form by decontextualising it from the emaciation of the urban landscape in which we normally live. Jose Ramón Danvila, I997 • Sydney Traxx, 2001. (2001) Art critic, collaborator in ARCO magazine and exhibition organiser. El árbol de la vida (The Tree of Life). Corten steel • 283 × 65 × 57 cm JORGE ARXÉ, Barcelona 1957. Fine Art Graduate, University of Barcelona. Individual exhibitions: Collective exhibitions: Prizes Works present in