About the exhibition

The gallery

The Ana Serratosa Gallery is a space in the centre of Valencia from where we propose you to enjoy contemporary art in a closer and more relaxed way.

With more than two decades of experience, our walls have housed a careful selection of contemporary artists of great national and international trajectory, with the aim of bringing them to the public in a pedagogical, leisurely way and demonstrating how, with the presence of art, the transformation of a space can be achieved.

Among the activities we carry out are debates by curators, historians, teachers, researchers and poets on the work of the artists presented.

We specialise in bringing art to the street, to the everyday life of citizens, with projects inspired by the city of Valencia and with artists that we have been supporting over the years. These projects have been presented in the gardens of the Turia river and in the city of Valencia.

The artists Javier Riera, Venske & Spänle, Bob Verschueren and Ghada Amer, with their different projects, have managed to transform this emblematic space of the city of Valencia for a period of time.

In addition to this, in 2020 we presented the project "Inventar el espacio 2020 - Intimidades colectivas" which consists of the intervention of the common areas of a historic building in the centre of Valencia with which we have finally been able to make the main idea of this gallery: coexisting with contemporary art a reality.

Projects in Valencia
Domicilio Particular

Domicilio Particular is an innovative architectural concept originally conceived by the Ana Serratosa Gallery. The building consists of three distinct areas: common area, public area and private area.

This building concept is characterised by the ability of art to transform spaces, whether common, private or public. Guided by the narrative created by a curator, it seeks to humanise buildings, offering an experience to the building's inhabitants and visitors. Works of monumental sculpture, murals and video installations permeate the spaces of this building.

The public space is a showcase in which, on a temporary basis, works by artists exhibited in museums or foundations, both national and international, will be displayed. Thanks to this space, passers-by and visitors to the city can enjoy exclusive pieces for a limited time.