Domicilio Particular

This is the public space of "Domicilio Particular" in Cabillers Street 5 that from now on will be available to contemplate from the street.  Here will be presented works by artists selected by the Gallery Ana Serratosa and sometimes will coincide in time with the work of artists who are at that time exhibiting in museums or national or international foundations as a way of information to the passerby and enjoyment.

Javier Riera, with his work inaugurates this new space directed by the Ana Serratosa Gallery. I hope you enjoy it.

  • In "Domicilio Particular" Javier Riera offers us a piece that continues to explore the field of projections in movement to completely transform the interior of this space. This work is made by means of computer programs that use strategies such as the golden number or the Fibonacci sequence among others to create light forms that play with the space where they are projected.

    Javier Riera (1964, Avilés, lives and works in Madrid) has an extensive artistic career. His beginnings are in painting, where he began to develop an interest in the geometry of nature and landscapes. Gradually he evolves his technique through new technologies such as interventions in nature, in which, by means of projections, he modifies natural landscapes helped only by the light of these projections. This is why his work would be located within the spectrum of Land Art.

    Javier Riera's work can be found in collections such as the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, the Museo de Bellas Artes de Asturias or the collection of the Rheinische Hypothekenbank, in Germany. At the same time he has intervened in cities such as Annecy, France (Annecy paisages 2018 and 2019), Durham, UK (LUMIERE Durham, 2019), Miami, USA (A growing transparency 2020), Parque de El Retiro, Madrid (Festival Internacional de la Luz, 2021), Aarhus, Denmark ( Arhus Festuge 2021) or Parma, Italy (WWHT 2022).

    Javier Riera will soon participate in the most prestigious and oldest Festival of Light in Europe: Fete des Lumieres that will take place in December 2023.


    The work will be available for your enjoyment every day from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.


    Discover the project he did in the city of Valencia, "Alameda Llum 2012".

    Here is a selection of his photography works, for more information about them please contact the gallery at


    Javier Riera
    Javier Riera - AB DBO, Ed. 3/3, 2011 - Photography – 83 x 125 cm 


    Javier Riera -  FLP 1, Ed. 3/3, 2015 - Photography – 95 x 95 cm 


    lb tll
    Javier Riera - LB TLL, Ed. 1/3, 2020 – Photography – 50 x 100 cm 


    Other outdoor projects by Javier Riera


    Intervention on Raby Castle, United Kingdom, 2021


    museo patio
    Intervention on Museo Patio Herreriano, Valladolid, Museum Night, 2022


    Intervention on Parma, Italia, 2022