Domicilio Particular 2022 Cabillers 5

Domicilio Particular is a new concept of habitat developed by the contemporary art gallery Ana Serratosa, where culture and art are combined with science and technology to create a quality residential space that brings health, well-being and a sense of belonging to those who live there.

This artistic project is composed of three clearly differentiated parts whose headquarters is a historic building located in the center of Valencia, specifically in C. Cabillers 5. These three parts are a public, a semi-public and finally a private part. 

As a public space we find a showcase at street level where the gallery will temporarily exhibit pieces by artists who are at that time exhibiting in museums or national or international foundations, as a way of information and enjoyment for the passerby.

In the semi-public part is the first phase of the project, "Inventing Space 2020 - Collective Intimacies", a series of artistic interventions in the common areas of the building, which aims to make visible those areas normally forgotten using art as a medium.

Finally, there are the building's apartments, all of them refurbished and fully habitable, where works by artists from the gallery aim to make the tenants' stay a more comfortable experience.

Domicilio Particular 2022 en calle Cabillers 5



Domicilio Particular b roig 2
Domicilio Particular b roig 2
Domicilio Particular b roig
Domicilio Particular albelda
Domicilio Particular verschueren
Domicilio Particular verschueren
Domicilio Particular shirin

The Experience

To carry out this project it has been necessary to collaborate with different professionals, including architects, interior designers or security experts, who have allowed through the synergies between the different parties to demonstrate that a new concept of habitat is possible.

This concept is part of the European Union's Agenda 2030, which seeks to bring together the keys to the new urban regeneration under the name of "The New European Bauhaus". All this aims to lay the foundations on which to build an inclusive and sustainable future, pleasing to the eye, mind and soul by putting people at the center of it all. 

To learn more about the scope of the semi-public and private part of this project we encourage you to visit "Inventar el espacio 2020 · Intimidades colectivas" on our website, where you will find all the details of the interventions and artists, as well as the detailed catalog of this first phase of the project.

Production and Sponsoring

Produced by:

Ana Serratosa