Venske & Spänle

Julia Venske & Gregor Spänle (1971 Berlin and 1969 Munich, live and work in Munich). It is an artistic pair that maintains a close link with sculpture, because it has led them to create organic forms (called Smörf) with a cold and rigid material like marble. Venske & Spänle have moved into the international art scene for a long time, which is why they have taken their Smörfs to countries such as Australia, India, China, Eastern countries, Senegal, Peru, New York and Mexico.

Venske & Spänle



    Venske & Spänle

    Latest exhibitions


    2018 Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta (EE. UU.)

    2017 Margret Thatcher Projects, Nueva York

             B-05 Kunstverein Montabaur Programa de arte en el espacio público de la ciudad de Zurich, Turbinenplatz en Zurich (CH)

             Arte público de la ciudad de Atlanta, Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta

    2016 Ana Serratosa Arte, Valencia, Spain

    2015 Silvan Faessler Fine Art, Zug (CH)
             Margret Thatcher Projects, Nueva York

    2014 "Eclosión en valencia 2014", Fondo Arte, Parque de Valencia y Museo de Bellas Artes, Valencia (ES)
             Margret Thatcher Projects, Nueva York

    2013 Galería Conny Dietzschold, Sydney (AUS)
             "Campo de adopción",Galería Ana Serratosa, Valencia, Spain

    2012 Museo Bad Arolsen Landesmuseum Schleswig-Holstein, Schloss Gottorf

    2011 "Uno con otros", Ana Serratosa Gallery, Valencia, Spain
             Margaret Thatcher Projects, Nueva York Sucursal Berlín

    2010 Museo Georg Kolbe, Berlín Arin Contemporary Art, Laguna Beach, CA
             Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta Iglesia de San Marcos, Laas (I)

    2009 Galería Robert Drees, Hannover Galería Conny Dietzschold, Sydney
             Kunstverein Würzburg Margret Thatcher Projects, Nueva York
             Edificio PYD, Sydney, Australia

    2008 Art Association Aichach Delicious Art Space, Zurich

    2007 Dust Gallery, Las Vegas Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta

    2005 Turchin Center for the Arts, Boone, USA
             Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta

    2004 Lothringer Str. 13 / Spiegel, Munich
             Galería Dietzschool, Sydney, Australia

    2003 Margaret Thatcher Projects, Nueva York, USA
             Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta, USA


    • Axa Nordstern
    • Glenn Fuhrmann/ MSD Capital
    • Beth Rudin Dewoody
    • Jean and Micheal Klein
    • Libby Lumpkin and David Hickey

    Exhibitions - Venske & Spänle